Pre & Post Surgical

#Our pool provides for a very relaxing and therapeutic experience for Pre and Post Therapy Swims and has been recommended by veterinarians from across BC and Washington State as swimming is one of the best total body exercises for us and our pets.  There are numerous benefits to water therapy. Water therapy increases and develops muscle mass and exercise endurance as well as provides an excellent cardiovascular workout. Swimming is the perfect exercise for weight loss and body conditioning for overweight pets. Water therapy is excellent for senior dogs that suffer from stiffness and arthritis to increase flexibility. The water allows your pet to feel weightless and places less strain on their joints and muscles, helping to alleviate pain and inflammation while going through a full range of motion in their joints and hips and is an excellent form of physical therapy for rehabilitation from an array of surgeries (Knee, Hip and Back surgeries etc.)  include Cruciate repair, Weakened Spine, Amputation, Osteochondrosis Dissecans, Hip Dysplasia, Discospondylosis, Fractures, Femoral Head Ostecomy, Osteoartritis, and early Cognitive Dysfunction, plus many more.

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